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Fall House Cleaning

submitted by Lorene Bartos, Extension Educator
This article appears in the September 24, 2005 Lincoln Journal Star Newspaper.


Fall is in the air and that means it's time to think about fall house cleaning. As we do our routine cleaning we clean the easy to reach, easy to see areas. Most of the time we at least get the top layer of dust. What about those hidden areas around the house which are hard to reach and out of sight. They need attention just as much. These areas include:

Take a look at the doors in your home. The front, back and patio doors are touched several times a day and catch may fingerprint. Clean around the handles and catch the dust bunnies on top of the doorjambs. Remember the door is the first thing visitors see when they visit.

Light fixtures:
Does it seem like your getting less light from your lights? Perhaps it's the dust in the light fixture causing the problem. Make sure the fixture is cool, take it down and dust it out. You'll be surprised what is hiding inside. Also, take a look at and around light switches and outlets. They are great places to collect smudges and finger prints.

Handrails are touched each time someone goes up or down the steps. Dusting is great but once in awhile it is important to clean off the oil and dirt that collects on the rails.

Ceiling fans:
The blades of fans are a great dust collectors.

Trash cans:
Have you taken a look at your trash can lately? Even though we use liners the can collects dirt. Scrub the inside and outside often.

Top of the refrigerator:
Have you run your hand across the top of your refrigerator lately? Are the dust bunnies hiding there? Or is it a place to collect and store items? It is important to watch what is placed on the refrigerator as they can vibrate off and damage the floor or stain items if a bottle breaks when it hits the cabinet or floor. Cleaning it weekly will prevent using it as a collection spot.

Appliance doors:
The edges, top, front and door of the oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine and clothes dryer are good places to find finger prints and smudges. The hinged edges are places often forgotten. Another place to clean is the area around the edges of the stove and the counters.

Don't forget the microwave. Both inside and out can get dirty and smudges very easily. Boiling a cup of water in the microwave before trying to clean cooked on foods makes it much easier to clean.

Take a tour around the house to check out those hidden spots when you get ready to do your fall house cleaning. Better yet take the time to just clean them. Make fall house cleaning a quick and easy job.

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