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submitted by Lorene Bartos, Extension Educator
This article appeared in the November 30, 2003 Lincoln Journal Star Newspaper.

The season for holiday entertaining and parties is here. Getting the home ready for these occasions can cause stress and anxiety for family members. The Soap and Detergent Association suggests the following ideas when getting ready for entertaining and cleaning up after it’s over.

1. Wipe up spills. Spills are inevitable in the fridge. Clean theses spills with disinfecting wipes.

2. Microwave must. Clean baked on foods in your microwave with heat-activated microwave wipes.

3. Filter fresh. Your kitchen range may have trapped smelly, oily cooking material in its filter screen. Place the permanent metal filter in the dishwasher. Use an automatic dishwasher detergent, which now comes in tablet and gel/liquid forms.

4. Clean rinse. To help avoid having to wipe spots and film from glassware, use a rinse aid.

5. Blend on. If you don’t have a dishwasher, an easy way to clean your blender is to add hot water and a small amount of hand dishwashing liquid. Replace the cover securely, and turn the blender on at a slow speed.

6. Dust-free. Use a disposable dust cloth to capture dust on furniture.

7. Lively drapes. To give your draperies a fresh look, toss them into the clothes dryer. Use the air fluff setting on your dryer with no heat. Rehang drapes immediately.

8. Freshen up. Spray carpets with a fabric refresher to neutralize odors that may have built up over time.

9. Add fragrance. Freshen your toilet by cleaning it with a scented toilet tablet. They’re easy to use—no measuring, no spills and no mess!

10. Reach up. Place a stepladder in the middle of each room and climb up as high as you safely can. See if areas like ceiling fans, refrigerator tops, light fixtures and trim moldings need dusting. Use special dusting mitts designed for reaching and dusting these hard to reach surfaces.

Along with these tips remember safety is also important during this time of year. Check your smoke detector batteries. Use caution with candles and holiday lights. Enjoy the holiday season.

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