Suet in one of the Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders
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Hanging a bird feeder

Use different types of feeders in locations throughout your yard to attract a wide variety of birds. Small hanging feeders are used by small birds such as chickadees, finches, and nuthatches. Feeders placed low to the ground attract ground-feeding birds such as juncos and native sparrows. Solidly mounted, aboveground feeders will draw in a large variety of birds, including cardinals, chickadees, grosbeaks, finches, various woodpeckers, and many others.

For the suet recipe used to create the suet feeders at the right, visit the on-line NEBLINE (Page 6 - 126 KB Get free Adobe Acrobat Reader HERE))

A variety of suet feeders

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Preparing and Using Pine Cones for Decoration (Page 2 - 115KB Get free Adobe Acrobat Reader HERE))

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