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Cedar Apple Rust Gall

This Can You Guess It?? Photo is featured in the June 2007 Nebline Newsletter

Cedar Apple Rust Gall

Cedar Apple Rust:

During warm rainy days in late April and early May, cedar trees infected with the cedar-apple rust fungus will develop bright orange, gelatinous galls.

Cedar-apple rust is an interesting disease. It requires both an apple and cedar or juniper to complete its life cycle. On the cedar, the fungus produces reddish-brown galls that are up to golf-ball size on young twigs. During wet weather these galls swell and begin to push out bright orange gelatinous tubular structures. Wind carries fungal spores from these gelatinous structures to susceptible apple or crabapple cultivars.

An easy way to avoid this disease is to plant disease resistant apple or crabapple varieties. Fortunately, there are many varieties available now that show good disease resistance.

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