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Wild Birdseed Mix

This Can You Guess It?? Photo is featured in the February 2007 Nebline Newsletter

Birdseed Mix

Make Your Own Wild Birdseed Mix:

You can make your own mix. It may cost you a little more initially, but you’ll have far less waste, so you’ll end up saving money.

Try this blend:

  • 25 pounds of black-oil sunflower seed
  • 10 pounds of white proso millet
  • 10 pounds of cracked corn

Pour the seeds into a rodent-proof, metal container and mix well. A new, clean metal trash can works well. Your container should be stored in a dry, cool place like an unheated garage. Check the seed often for mold. If any seed appears questionable, throw it out. If you plan to store your bird seed in the house, keep it in the freezer to prevent pantry pest infestations.



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