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A Healthy Snack: String Cheese and Crackers

This Can You Guess It?? Photo is featured in the November/December 2006 Nebline Newsletter

String Cheese and Crackers

After researching and analyzing prices at a nearby grocery store, the verdict is this: if you are a savvy shopper, you can purchase a variety of healthful snack options at a reasonable cost.

For example: Are pudding snacks a standard fare at your house— these may contribute some calcium, but not as much as the real thing made with milk. Pudding snacks were priced at $.37 to $.53/serving. Other
comparably priced options that were higher in calcium would be individual yogurt ($.44 to $.55/serving) or individually wrapped string cheese ($.25 to $.35/stick).

Did you know two pieces of string cheese provides about one fourth of your daily calcium recommendation.

Read $tretch Your Food Dollar with Healthy Snacks by Sarah Pankoke, Extension Assistant. This article appears in the Nov/December 2006 Nebline Newsletter!

Enjoy this recipe using string cheese: Cheese Crust Taco Pizza


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