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Germinating Corn

This Can You Guess It?? Photo is featured in the June 2006 Nebline Newsletter


Know Your Corn

Can You Guess It Photo The corn you eat on the cob or pop in the microwave is very different from the corn most people see growing along the interstate.

Dent corn makes up the bulk of U.S. corn production. The National Corn Growers Association provides the following breakdown of corn types:

    Dent Corn - Dent corn contains 72 percent starch and can be used to make everything from livestock feed and fuel ethanol to corn syrup and sweeteners. It's harvested when kernels are dry and hard.

    Sweet Corn - corn on the cob and canned corn that you buy in the grocery store are sweet corn. It contains more sugar than other corn and is harvested when the plant is still immature and the kernels still soft.

    Popcorn - a special kind of corn that "pops" when heated because a hard outer layer allows enough pressure to build when the moisture inside the kernel turns to steam.

    Specific-Trait Corn - includes blue, white, high-oil, nutritionally dense, high-amylose and other corns used in the production of food products such as corn bread and tortillas. These corn hybrids are grown for their specific milling characteristics.

Other types of corn, such as Indian corn or broom corn, can be used for decorative purposes. Source: LibrarySpot

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