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Woodlouse Hunter
Dysdera crocata

This Can You Guess It?? Photo is featured in the August 2007 Nebline Newsletter

Woodlouse Hunter

This cosmopolitan, medium-sized spider has three pair of legs directed forward and one pair back. It has 6 eyes, closely grouped together. People are often concerned about this spider because it has two enormous, sinister-looking fangs. Its long jaws are used to hunt woodlice, members of the terrestrial crustacean order Isoptera which includes pillbugs and sowbugs.

The woodlouse hunter has distinctive coloration: the cephalothorax (head + thorax) of the wood louse hunter is brown, legs are reddish-orange, and abdomen is pinkish-tan. The spiders rest during the day under stones, bark or other objects in a silken cell in which the female spider lays her eggs. It is an active hunting spider, feeding at night. It is often found around buildings. It is considered an accidental invader in the home.

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