A Brown Recluse Spider

The following is an excerpt from: Brown Recluse Spider: Loxosceles reclusa by Barbara Ogg, PhD, Extension Educator

Brown Recluse Spiders:

All brown recluse spiders have a fiddle-shaped mark on their back, although it may be faded or missing in juvenile spiders. Their legs are long and thin compared with many spiders.

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The key feature that distinguishes them from all other spiders is that they have six eyes, arranged in pairs (photo right). A microscope or magnifying glass is needed to see this level of detail.

Brown Recluse Spider Feeding on Cricket

Brown recluse spiders are nocturnal hunters of insects and other spiders. They naturally live in outdoor situations, living in piles of debris, wood piles, under bark, logs, stones. Inside, it is found most commonly in undisturbed areas like closets, attics, crawlspaces, basements, cellars. They inhabit clothing, boxes, papers and like "layered" situations, like stacks of papers or clothes.

Some people get bitten when they dress and inadvertently "trap" the spider between the article of clothing and their skin. They may also get bitten if the spider is trapped in bed clothes or when people are cleaning infested areas. These spiders are very shy and do not bite unless trapped or threatened.


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