A Delicious Homegrown Tomato

Tasty Vine-Ripened TomatoTomatoes come in a wide range of fruit colors, sizes, shapes and maturities.

Ripe tomatoes may be red, yellow, orange, pink or even green.

Shapes vary from globe or round to slightly flattened, pear-like or cherry-sized.

Often consumers complain tomatoes purchased in grocery stores are lacking in flavor or have tough skin. In a home garden, you can grow the tomatoes you prefer, including a wide selection of fruit colors, flavors, textures and sizes.

Tomatoes and pumpkins are the two vegetables that we get the most calls on in the fall.

To learn how to harvest and store your vegetables read:

Now that you've carefully grown your tomatoes and harvested them, preserve them so you can enjoy them in soups, casseroles and in other recipes all winter.

For more information on growing tomatoes, the types of tomatoes and possible pest, disease and weed problems, read Tomatoes in the Home Garden

Can You Guess It??

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Can You Guess It??

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