The Delicate Wings of A Dragonfly

Dragonfly wings flap 28 times a second and carry the insect as fast as 60 miles an hour.


Excerpt from Backyard Wildlife: Making it Come Alive!

Inviting wildlife to your backyard can be enjoyable, educational, and fun for the whole family. A backyard can offer the fascination of a robin's nest or cardinal's song, the scurry of a squirrel, the speed of a dragonfly, and the beauty of a hummingbird or butterfly at a flower.

A small pool can add to the attractiveness and enjoyment of some backyards, especially larger ones. Birds will make the pool a center of activity, and some pools can provide a home for turtles, damselflies (mosquito-eaters), or frogs--an extra sparkle for many outdoor observers.

Small fiberglass or plastic pools can be purchased, or a pool can be dug and lined with concrete or plastic sheeting. Wooden oak barrels cut in half also make easy and inexpensive pools for a backyard. Water plants can be rooted in soil or sand in the bottom of the pool or in pots which are then set in the pool. Add a few small goldfish to help balance the pool and to control mosquito larvae.

To learn more, read the entire NEBGUIDE, Backyard Wildlife: Making it Come Alive! by Ron J. Johnson, Extension Wildlife Specialist, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension

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