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The soft, dark muzzle of a miniature donkey

Charlie the Miniature DonkeyMeet "Charlie". Charlie is a 2-year old miniature donkey. Miniature donkeys are popular for their comical personalities, small size and easy care. They can be a unique choice for the farm or acreage.

Miniature donkeys love their "people" and demand attention. They do this with friendly nudges and brays (hee-haw) and funny sounds - all designed to get you to notice them.

Donkeys are herd animals and don't thrive alone. They need the companionship of other donkeys or even a horse or two. Most donkeys, however, do not like canines so it is best to keep your donkey and dog separated.

Miniature donkeys are extremely intelligent and trainable. They can also learn unexpected tricks like how to open gates!

Geldings (male donkeys that have been neutered) or jennets (female donkeys) make the best pets. Jacks (like Charlie) can be a handful and are not the best choice for children. Always keep safety in mind.

Before you make any decision about buying an animal, learn as much as you can.

Things to consider might be:

  • Why do you want to raise animals?
  • If this animal is for a child, is it suitable?
  • Is the animal you want to raise suited for your climate?
  • Check zoning laws - are there restrictions?
  • What types of food will your animal need?
  • Do you have a way to dispose of manure?
  • How many animals do you want? How many animals can your acreage or small farm handle?
  • What type of fence do you need?
  • Do you have a source for water?
  • Is there a history of soil-borne disease or other diseases on your acreage?
  • If you need shelter for your animal(s), do you need to construct new buildings or can you remodel existing buildings:
  • Do you have the labor and financial resources needed to have animals?


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