Chocolate Stain on a Pair of Jeans

Chocolate Stain on a pair of pants

Chocolate Rabbits, Chocolate Easter Eggs, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Ice Cream...

Always remove or treat stains as quickly as possible. The longer the stain sets, the harder it will be to remove.

Some guidelines to use in stain removal are:

  • Treat stains while fresh.
  • Know the stain.
  • Know the fiber content of the fabric.
  • Test stain remover on a hidden part of garment before treating the stain.
  • Avoid excessive rubbing.
  • Work from the wrong side of the fabric, forcing the stain out, not in.
  • Give cleaning agents time to work.
Khaki jeans with a chocolate stain
Photo Credit: V. Jedlicka. Copyright 2004 University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension in Lancaster County.

The jeans in the photo right are being treated for a chocolate stain. To learn more and to get information on stain removal, read:

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