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Nebraska Windmill

Nebraska WindmillWindmills are a common sight in Nebraska. The historian Walter Prescott Webb argued that the windmill, barbed wire and the six-shooter made homesteading on the Great Plains possible.

Windmills ensured early homesteaders had a constant supply of water. In some areas, windmills are still used as a source of water for livestock.

A windmill is a machine that uses the wind to turn a wheel with slats (photo right). The wind hits the slats and the wheel begins to turn, as it turns - it turns a shaft and gears that power machinery. As the machinery moves it pumps water from the ground and into a tank.

Windmills have also been used to power machines that grind grain.eds of years to power machinery used to grind grain such as wheat and corn. Today we also have windmills, called "wind turbines," that generate electricity.

Source: An Introduction to Wind Power for Nebraskans

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