DID YOU GUESS IT?? - Cottontail Rabbit Damage

Rabbits had to turn to trees and shrubs for food this winter. The heavy snow cover kept them from finding grass and other food.

These photos show where rabbits stood on top of drifted snow and gnawed bark and nipped off small branches to get the green, inner bark layer of the shrubs (right) and Russian Olive Tree branches (lower right).

Rabbits can severely damage or kill landscape plants, orchard trees, windbreak trees and other woody plants during long periods of snow cover like we've had the past couple of months.

fencing around treeExcluding rabbits from valuable plants is a long-term solution to costly damage. The expected snow depth may determine the height at which fences should be built to ensure protection during the winter months.

Rabbit Damage Rabbit Damage
Rabbit Damage

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Rabbit Damage and Tree Photo credits: V. Jedlicka (rural tree photo, close-up and fenced tree) and S. Cochran (urban shrubs), University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension in Lancaster County

Can You Guess It??This Can You Guess It?? photo is featured in the March 2004 NEBLINE Newsletter (Page 12 - 230KB Printer-friendly file)

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Can You Guess It??

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