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The "Wingbars" on an American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch feeding on flowersThe American Goldfinch is a common songbird in southeastern Nebraska.

In winter, the males turn a duller olive color and resemble the female (photo right).

During the breeding season (summer), the male is a brilliant yellow with a black cap (below right - Photo from Cornell University).

The white strip across the wing is called a "wingbar" - one of the features you look for when you are trying to identify a bird.

The American Goldfinch is fond of thistles, sunflowers and dandelions. The finch in the photo above is feeding on the seeds of a purple coneflower.

You can attract American Goldfinch to your yard by providing a source of fresh water and food. Attract these birds with Niger thistle seeds, broken sunflower hearts, oil-type sunflower seeds. Don't forget to plant flowers like purple coneflower (above) and sunflowers to enjoy these birds year-round.

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