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Nanking Cherry Blossoms

This Can You Guess It?? photo appears in the March 2005 Nebline Newsletter.

Can You Guess It PhotoThe Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa) is a hardy, drought tolerant shrub. In early-mid April, the branches fill with beautiful white, fragrant flowers. The bark of the shrub is shiny and exfoliates.

Nanking cherry is a small to medium-sized shrub about 8-12 feet high and spreading about 10-15 feet. It is recommended for windbreaks and other conservation plantings.

If you want fruit, be sure to plant more than one in a group since they need cross pollination.

The fruit of Nanking cherries is bright red and sweet. It is excellent for use in jelly and wine.

If you don't mind sharing, wildlife enjoy the tasty fruit but be sure you are quick to harvest what you want first - the fruit disappear in no time. Deer and rabbit also like to nibble on the twigs.

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