The Official 4-H Emblem.
February 15-21, 2004 is Nebraska 4-H Week.

Do You Know What the four H's Mean?

  • Head
  • Heart
  • Hands
  • Health

The 4-H Pledge...I pledge:

My head to clearer thinking

My heart to greater loyalty

My hands to larger service

My health to better living

For my club, my community, my country and my world.

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The official 4-H Emblem

While the concepts that led to the organization of
4-H began in many places across the country in the same time frame, Iowa is credited with first using a three-leaf clover emblem with an imprinted H on each leaf that represented "head, heart and hands" around 1903. The fourth H - health was added in 1911.

Read About the History of Nebraska 4-H

Discover 4-H. Discover YouWhat do you learn in 4-H? You learn practical skills such as fitness, meal preparation, rocket building, clothing care, animal and human nutrition, first aid, woodworking, gardening, and many other skills through the more than 150 projects available.

About Nebraska 4-H: 4-H has been serving the young people of Nebraska with educational and leadership opportunities since 1902; and 4-H is one of the largest youth organizations in Nebraska, with over 34,000 youth members in organized 4-H Clubs and with over 10,000 adult volunteers. The 4-H program uses many methods to reach 21st century youth. Through traditional 4-H clubs, school enrichment activities, overnight camps and day camps, and special interest groups, the 4-H program across Nebraska has touched the lives of numerous young people.

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