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Woodpile in the Snow

Woodpile in the snowWood is a source of heat used by many Nebraskans, and more firewood will be burned as the cost of other energy sources, such as gas and electricity, rises.

Not all wood burns the same.

Osage-orange is the densest firewood available in Nebraska. It is best to burn dense woods including oak, ash or mulberry.

Fragrance and tendency to smoke and spark are most important when wood is burned in a fireplace. Some types of woods spark or throw hot embers. In an open fireplace this could cause a fire. Conifers are more likely to do this because they have a high resin content.

Other issues with firewood:

When firewood is brought indoors to burn, you might find several insects. These rarely cause any problems in your home.

Termites are practically never found in firewood stored outdoors this time of year. In Nebraska, the termites nest deep in the soil during winter where temperatures are warmer.

If you bring your firewood inside and you start seeing insects moving about, do not panic! Use a vacuum cleaner and sweep them up. Never treat firewood with insecticides. It is best to keep your firewood outside until you are ready to burn it.


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