The Feathers of a 3-Week Old Chicken
This Can You Guess It?? photo is featured in the
February 2004 NEBLINE Newsletter (Page 12 - 144KB Printer-friendly file)

This bird hatched on 4-H Embryology EGG Cam during December. In just 3 weeks, the birds grow from cute, balls of yellow fluff to adolescents with primary feathers.

3 week old chicken

You are invited to tune in to EGG Cam from home, school or work. The next eggs were set this week and will hatch the first week in February - make sure you tune in!

Tune in to EGG Cam:

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Egg Cam birdsAnd finally, enjoy the birds on EGG Cam after they hatch.

Chickens, Guinea fowl, quail, pheasant, peacocks, turkeys and ducks have hatched on EGG Cam.

Embryology is a 4-H School Enrichment Project supported by University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension in Lancaster County.

Embryology teaches students about science and respect for life. Students hatch chicks in the classroom and witness the exciting miracle of life. Students take the responsibilities of caring for the fertilized eggs and then the chicks after they have hatched. Approximately 3,500 children in Lancaster County participate in Embryology each year.

Now you can take part in this interactive Embryology program with your family or classroom on-line. Start watching EGG Cam today HERE

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