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Ornaments on a Real Christmas Tree

Ornaments in a real Christmas Tree Real Christmas trees, reminiscent of a nearly 500-year-old German tradition, sometimes have a reputation for being flammable, harmful to nature, messy or the cause of allergic reactions.

Those notions mostly are myths.

If chosen and cared for correctly, trees are "no more flammable than a fresh flower".

Fewer than 0.001 percent of real Christmas trees have been involved in a fire, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

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Caring for Your Tree:

  • If you cut the tree yourself you know the tree is fresh. But if you do not cut your own tree, be sure to ask when the tree was cut and check it closely for drying needles.

  • The stump of your Christmas tree should be cut fresh before placing the tree in the tree stand.

  • Keep an adequate supply of fresh water covering this fresh cut at all times. Check the water level daily, and refill when needed.

  • Do not place the tree near a heat vent, wood stove or fireplace.

Recycle Your Tree after Christmas:

Chop the trunk into firewood or use the branches to make mulch over dormant perennials.

You can also place the tree near your bird feeders. Decorate with suet cakes and pine cones rolled in suet and bird seed. Not only will the birds enjoy the winter treats, but the tree will provide protection from harsh winter winds and predators like neighborhood cats and hawks.

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Making Your Own Suet Feeders

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