Fall "Accidental Invaders" in the Corner of a Room

Accidental Invaders Dead in a Living Room CornerThe days are shorter and nights are chilly. When the weather begins to change, many people find a host of accidental invaders wandering into their homes to get away from the cold.

Common accidental invaders in this area include pillbugs (Roly-poly's), millipedes, crickets, boxelder bugs, ladybugs, and a number of spiders - including the big wolf spider.

In most cases, your home does not have the right conditions for these accidental invaders to survive. They can not live and breed in your home. These creatures will die in a few days even if you do absolutely nothing.

A vacuum cleaner, broom or mouse glueboard placed in a corner is all you need for indoor controls. To prevent entrance into your home, you should seal and caulk any openings and check weatherstripping.

For more information to help you learn more so you can manage specific pests found in and around your home, visit HERE

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Guess it PhotoThis Can You Guess It?? photo appears in the November/December 2005 Nebline Newsletter.

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