Sorghum or "Milo"

Sorghum or Grain sorghum is one of four primary crops grown in Nebraska and is a feed grain for livestock as well as a food grain. A healthy export market for feed grains keeps sorghum in demand around the world.

--In India and Africa, sorghum is used as a primary food grain for their people.

--In the United States, sorghum offers some exciting possibilities as a specialty flour and as a staple cereal product for people with an intolerance to gluten

(Source: Cook It Quick: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County)

About 12% of the U.S. grain sorghum crop goes into ethanol production with one bushel of grain sorghum producing the same amount of ethanol as one bushel of corn

Sorghum has been called a water-sipping rather than a water-guzzling crop. It is environmentally friendly because it is water efficient, requires little fertilizer or pesticides and is biodegradable. This is a benefit for the more environmentally sensitive areas of the world.

(Source: National Soybean Growers)

Nebraska is currently ranks third in the United States in grain sorghum production. In 2004, 33,615,000 bushels were harvested.

(Source: Nebraska Department of Agriculture)

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