The Center of Your Young Child's World

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The Center of Your Young Child's World

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The Center of Your Young Child's World

Tips for Working with Young Children

Several behaviors are common among preschool through third-grade age children. Understanding these behaviors can be reassuring to parents, childcare providers and teachers.

The young child's world is centered on himself. He thinks in terms of "me" and "mine." Only later will he start to understand the meaning of "love thy neighbor."

The young child wants to feel big, proud and important. Small successes need to be celebrated and rewarded. Try to provide many choices of activities to build successes.

The young child is a beginner. He will make mistakes, forget instructions and make a lot of noise in the process. Give him enough time and room to make mistakes.

The young child is tender because he has few experiences and skills to rely on. Don't be harsh with him or reject him.

The young child need stimulation. Give him plenty of experiences and things to do to develop his natural curiosity. Don't let television occupy a large place in his life.

The young child is not good at sitting quietly for long periods. Give him blocks, playhouses, climbing bars, moving toys–anything that lets him explore and learn.

Somewhere in the midst of his non-stop questions and noisy play, he will gain these skills. Your understanding will prepare him for a successful life.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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