Toddler Years are Trying and Wonderful

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Toddler Years are Trying and Wonderful

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Toddler Years: Trying & Wonderful

Tips for Toddlers

Most children, age 18 months to 2.5 years, are becoming their own person, separate and independent from their parents. They need to explore everything in their environment, to help them learn. They are improving their walking, running, and climbing skills and learning to talk.

There are many behaviors at this age that bug parents. As a toddler, it is likely that your child won't always hold your hand, will refuse to come when called, and say, "no." It is common for toddlers to insist on having things a certain way, to have temper tantrums, and refuse to share or take turns.

Don't expect a child of this age to do everything a parent asks. It helps if you keep your sentences short and simple and be very specific. Avoid giving commands. Try using questions instead. For example, rather than saying, "clean up this mess," try saying, "can you pick up these toys and put them in the toy chest?".

Tantrums are common at this age; your best defense is to try to keep them from happening. Avoid taking your child anywhere when he is hungry or tired or he will be tempted to demand things he sees. If your child has a tantrum, ignore it as best as you can; this decreases the chances of the behavior occurring again.

The best method of discipline for children of this age is distraction. For example, if a child refuses to let you put on her coat when it's time to leave, stop the effort and direct her attention to something out the window. After that, go back to the task of putting on the coat. Chances are that the coat will slip right on.

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