Ideas for Shopping with Baby

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Ideas for Shopping with Your Baby

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Ideas for Shopping with Your Baby

Tips for Babies

Do you take your baby to the supermarket with you? Some children really enjoy this. Others are over-excited by all the colors, smells and noises and may "act up" with bad behavior.

If your child can handle the stimulation, grocery shopping can be a fun outing. You can help your baby learn in the supermarket by talking to your child and pointing out different foods. When you choose some apples, you can say, "we need four red apples. See? One, two, three, four."

When you get cereal, show your child the box, shake it, and let them see what is inside it when you get home.

Research shows that smart children have parents who give them this kind of stimulation.

You might want to bring a toy from home or let them hold something unbreakable to keep those little hands busy.

It's also wise to plan your trip when baby is fed and rested.

Don't let baby stand in a grocery cart. Use the seat strap or bring one from home to keep them seated. Some stores have special baby carriers for infants. These are a great way for baby to be safe and secure.

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