What to Expect from a 9 - 10 Month Old Baby

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What to Expect of the 9 - 10 Month Old Baby

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What to Expect of the 9 - 10 Month Old Baby

9-10 Months

Baby's first efforts to crawl will probably be toward something--a favorite toy or you. Don't be surprised if baby falls on her face a few times while getting started. Keep her on a soft blanket or carpet.

Once baby crawls, pulling up to a standing position isn't far behind. Watch out! Baby may get up and not know how to get back down. He may cry to be rescued again and again. You can try to teach him to get down onto his knees or bottom. Be patient, your child will learn soon.

Some of the major milestones for the 9 month old include:

* Crawling, and crawling up stairs.

* Sitting by himself, and standing when his hand is held. Also, he may pull himself up by holding on to furniture.

* Picking up small things with finger and thumb, and big things with both hands.

* Understanding some words, her name and simple sentences also happens at about 9 months of age.

* Trying to figure things out by himself, remembering more from yesterday.

You can help baby learn:

* By talking and listening to baby.

* By praising baby when she does something new.

* By giving baby finger foods so he can practice picking up small things.

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