Saying NO All the Time

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Saying NO All the Time

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Saying "NO!" All the Time Isn't Good for Baby

9 & 10 Months

Researchers find that babies who hear, "no" all the time seem to be less intelligent than other babies. Babies and children need to explore to learn.

If you find yourself saying, "no," all the time, perhaps you should change things. Move that glass vase to a higher shelf. This will make life easier for you, and you won't have to discourage baby's curiosity so often.

Discipline means teaching. The key is reward. Many parents pay attention to their children's behavior only when it upsets them. This teaches a child that attention only comes when he does something bad.

When baby plays nicely or tries to talk, reward her with a smile or talk to her. When she touches something you don't want her to have, distract her with a toy or point her toward something else. Ignore behavior that is annoying, but not harmful. Save "no's" for times when baby's safety is in danger.

Sometimes baby won't be happy with the decisions you make and will fuss. You may even be tempted to give in to baby. Keep in mind that limits are necessary for your child's safety and welfare. You can set limits while giving baby freedom to explore and grow.

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