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Playing Rough with Baby

9 & 10 Months

Researchers find that men and women play differently with babies. Men are more likely to play rough. Some women would say that men are too wild!

Men are more likely than women to swing babies around, lift them high in the air, bounce them high and low, tickle and chase them. Babies enjoy this: moms often worry. Mothers might feel better if they knew that most men are like this, and most babies not only survive, but like it! It's fun to play rough with baby, and most babies love active play. Keep it safe–a few games are too wild to play with baby.

Don't throw baby into the air. Baby could fall if something distracts you. Instead, lift baby over your head without letting go.

Don't jerk a baby's arm. If you swing baby around in a circle, don't hold her by the hands. This is too much stress for baby's elbows and shoulders. These joints could be dislocated. Hold baby under the arms by the chest instead.

Never shake a baby. This can lead to blindness, brain damage or death.

Some fun and safe ways to play with baby are chasing her as she crawls and rolling her along the floor.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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