Helping Curiosity Grow

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Helping Curiosity Grow

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Helping Curiosity Grow

9 & 10 Months

Researchers who have studied young children report that curiosity is important for success in school. A child interested in the world around her and given freedom to explore, will observe and learn.

You can help by making baby's world an interesting, stimulating place and by joining in baby's excitement. Here are some ideas to help baby learn about her senses:

* Surround your 9-month-old with bright, moving colors in clothing, toys and room decor.

* Let baby listen to music on the radio, records or tapes. Make a chime mobile, or hang windchimes to catch a breeze. Talk and sing to baby.

* Give your child textures to feel--soft, hard, smooth and rough. Touch your baby and let him touch your skin, hair and clothes.

* Let your child try new and different foods.

* Give your child chances to smell safe things, like soap, perfume, food, flowers and dirt.

* You can make learning fun.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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