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Dealing with Your Child's Fears

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Dealing with Your Child's Fears

9 & 10 Months

When baby can stand up alone, he becomes aware of many new things, and some of them can be scary.

Many 9-month-old children become afraid of heights and will no longer climb down from chairs, even though they have before. Loud noises, such as the vacuum cleaner or the blender, may frighten baby. Baby may even refuse to be bathed in the big bathtub. Try bathing with baby, or give her sponge baths in the tub.

Don't laugh at your infant's fears; they are just as real to her as your fears are to you. Comfort baby, then encourage her to explore the thing she is afraid of. For example, let her touch the turned-off vacuum cleaner.

Baby will grow out of these new fears with your understanding and help.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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