What to Expect of a 8-9 Month Old Baby

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What to Expect of a 8-9 Month Old Baby

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8 & 9 Months

Have you noticed that your baby understands more of what you say? When you say, "look at the kitty," baby listens, then looks around until he finds it. Baby is beginning to grasp whole ideas, and is linking his eyesight and hearing together.

Baby may notice when something new is put in his room. Baby remembers what the whole room looks like, so he sees the new item right away. Try it!

Does baby move toward the door before daddy walks through? Does baby drop a toy and cover her ears, waiting for the thud? His mind is developing.

Baby may sit up on her own for longer periods. Baby can reach for things without falling because she doesn't need to prop herself up with her hands.

Is your baby crawling? Some babies never crawl. They scoot on their bottoms or roll. Then they walk when they're ready. Is your baby like that?

You can help baby learn by reading books to baby. Point out pictures. Take baby for a walk outside to see leaves and flowers, icicles or snowmen.

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