Start Establishing a Bedtime Routine

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Start Establishing a Bedtime Routine

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Start Establishing a Bedtime Routine

8 & 9 Months

Many 8 month-old children have trouble settling down to sleep. They're so excited about sitting, creeping, crawling and exploring that they don't want to go to bed! Parents need time to themselves. Don't feel guilty about wanting to enjoy some peace and quiet, or some time with your partner. Baby's bedtime is your decision.

Here are a few tips to make bedtime easier:

* Always put baby to bed at around the same time.

* Put baby to bed in the same room in which he will wake up.

* Spend some time each evening cuddling, reading, singing or talking to baby at bedtime. Routines help children settle down to sleep.

* Put a night-light in your child's room.

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