What to Expect of a 7-8 Month Old Baby

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What to Expect of a 7-8 Month Old Baby

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What to Expect

7 & 8 Months

Baby's sitting is getting better as his lower back gets stronger. Your baby is ready to get moving! Soon you'll see him pushing up on hands and knees and creeping along the floor. If baby isn't moving on his tummy yet, encourage him. He may try to stand by himself. When baby rocks back and forth on hands and knees, crawling isn't too far off. A seven-month-old may try to balance himself and sit for a while with no support. Baby may like finger foods that let him practice picking things up and feeding himself. He may enjoy playing with a spoon and a cup, but will not be good at using them yet.

Seven month-olds like to be included in family activities, enjoy looking in mirrors and at pictures of other babies, and like to grab, shake, bang things, and put everything in their mouth. You can help your baby learn by giving him toys that make noise, such as bells, music boxes, or rattles.

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