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What to Expect of the Six to Seven-Month Old Baby

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What to Expect of the Six to Seven-Month Old Baby

6 & 7 Months

Teething often begins during the sixth month. Baby may drool more than usual and be uncomfortable and fussy. Cold teething rings and teething biscuits can soothe sore gums.

Baby may be able to roll from stomach to back and then over to stomach again, with a rest in between. Some babies can get across a room this way.

Baby's legs are strengthening. Your child probably loves to stand up with you holding under his arms. He may bounce up and down. These exercises help his legs prepare for crawling and walking.

Some babies will begin learning to sit up. Be sure baby has soft surfaces to fall on. Keep an eye on your infant; she may get stuck in an uncomfortable position.

Is baby showing more fear of strangers? This is a good sign--it means she recognizes people she knows from people she doesn't.

Hold baby when he meets people. Let baby get used to them slowly.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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