Feeding the Six to Seven-Month Old Baby

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Feeding the Six to Seven-Month Old Baby

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Feeding the Six to Seven-Month Old Baby

6 & 7 Months

If a variety of foods are offered in the early years, children will learn to eat a variety of foods throughout life. If baby sees his family eating healthy foods, she probably will too. Here are some ways to help baby develop good eating habits:

1. Provide a pleasant, relaxed mealtime.

2. Feed him with the rest of the family. Baby will feel like he belongs.

3. Don't make him eat more than he wants to eat. Baby's appetite will vary from day to day. Don't make meals a battleground.

4. Give nutritious foods from each of the five food groups (grains, vegetables, fruit, milk, meat and beans) for meals and snacks.

5. Use colorful foods to make eating more fun.

6. Slowly introduce coarser textures to help develop chewing skills.

For finger foods try crackers; cheese; cooked noodles; pieces of soft-cooked vegetables or fruit. Give just a few bites at a time.

Don't give foods that can cause choking. These include peanuts, raisins, whole grapes, hard candies, raw carrots and circles of hot dogs. Cut hot dogs the long way for children under 4 years old.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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