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What to Expect of a Five-Month-Old

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What to Expect of a Five-Month-Old

5 & 6 Months

Baby has lots of energy! Baby seems to be moving all day when she isn't asleep. Many 5-month-olds can move around by rolling or wriggling. You'll need extra patience to keep up with her.

Baby knows her mom and dad from strangers and may cry when one of you leaves. Don't sneak out! Tell her you will be back.

Soon baby will show signs of being afraid of people she doesn't know well. Let your baby get used to new people slowly.

Baby may like toys that make noises now. Ring a bell or squeeze a squeaky toy and watch her try to find out where the sound came from.

Baby has discovered her feet and may love to suck on her toes. Baby is getting stronger and may start to push up on hands and knees. For safety, remove toys that are strung across the crib, like crib gyms.

One baby may sit sooner than another, but every baby first holds up her head and neck, then learns to use her arms and hands and finally her body, legs and feet.

Speedy physical development by itself does not mean she is advanced in other areas. And, slow physical development doesn't mean she is slow in other areas. If baby is very slow, talk to your doctor.

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