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Discipline and Safety

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Discipline & Safety

5 & 6 Months

Baby is starting to get into things and since everything he picks up goes into his mouth, it's time to think about safety.

Baby needs to explore. It makes sense to baby-proof your home by putting away things that will hurt your baby rather than to follow him saying "no," to everything he does.

A form of child guidance is to re-direct. This means moving him away from hazards, such as a lamp cord, to someplace safe. You can substitute by interesting your baby in a toy he can play with, then gently removing the thing you don't want him to have.

Don't slap your baby's hands or yell at him. Baby can't control his behavior yet. If you spank him now, he learns it is okay to hit. It's up to you to keep him out of danger, not punish him for getting into it.

Don't be surprised if your little one gets carried away dropping things on the floor. She is experimenting, watching to see where the things go when they fall! Baby doesn't do it just to make you pick the items up--although that may become part of the fun.

If a meal gets too messy because baby throws food on the floor, take the food away. Baby probably isn't hungry any more if he is playing.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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