Playing with Your Baby

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Playing with Your Baby

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Playing with Your Baby

4 & 5 Months

Early on, baby plays with her hands and feet and learns about her body. Baby learns about others this way. Baby may grab for your hair or pat your face as a way of learning who you are.

Feeling a blanket, a cuddly toy or the bathwater helps him learn about other things in the world. Give baby different textures to feel, like sand, rice, soft and fuzzy things, ice cubes or a sponge.

Baby also learns by being touched. From your handling, she senses how you feel about her. The amount of holding and touching tells her how important touch is.

Give baby lots of hugs and kisses, pats, rocking, stroking and massages.

One way to have fun together is to have a daily exercise time.

* Try laying baby down on a blanket or rug, and hold both of her hands. Slowly pull baby up until she is sitting. You can say things like, "up we go!" to encourage her.

* At first you will probably do all the work, but baby will get the idea and may soon work hard to help herself up.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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