What to Expect of a Three to Four-Month-Old Baby

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What to Expect of a Three to Four-Month-Old Baby

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What to Expect of a Three to Four-Month-Old Baby

3 & 4 Months

Your baby probably spends less time crying and sleeping now, so she has more time to learn about herself and the world. Your baby has just found that she has hands and feet she can move and she loves to watch them.

Try putting a toy in her hand. Your baby will probably hold on and watch it as she moves her arm. Your baby might even reach for things and grab them. She can get her hand to her mouth and suck on her fingers.

Your baby doesn't have full control over her arms and legs yet, so she may get angry or frustrated when she can't make her body do what she wants it to.

Babies likes to watch things. They will even stop nursing to follow a toy with their eyes. Hold it near and then move it away. Bring it close again or move it out of sight.

Your baby will continue eating. She doesn't know yet that things still exist even when she can't see them. Your baby loves making noises. She can even laugh now! The more you respond to her when she "talks", the more baby will answer back and smile at you. This is good practice for real talking later.

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