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Don't Be Angry With Your Baby

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Don't Be Angry With Your Baby

3 & 4 Months

The most important thing you can teach baby now, is to trust you. You can do this by meeting her needs, so she learns you are there when she needs you. The trust baby has in you will help her try to obey, so she can please you.

When baby does something you don't want her to, it is your cue to teach, show her what is acceptable behavior. Try to distract her from the problem situation -- give her something else to do, sing or talk to her, take her to another room, or put her in the stroller and go for a walk.

Every parent gets angry, upset and frustrated sometimes -- that's normal. Tiny babies like yours don't do things on purpose to annoy you, even if it seems like that sometimes. Baby can't help crying, messing her diapers or waking up at night when you want to sleep. A tiny baby should never be spanked for any reason.

But if you feel like you are so upset that you may hit or shake your baby-- get help quickly. Try these things:

* Call a friend and ask what she would do.

* Call someone to sit with baby so you can take a break, even if it's only for a few minutes to take a walk.

* Put baby safely in her crib in her room, shut the door and try to distract yourself for a few minutes.

* The important thing is to get some space between the two of you, so you can calm down. If after awhile you are still upset ask for help.

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