Games to Play With Your Three-Month-Old

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Games to Play With Your Three-Month-Old

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Games to Play With Your Three-Month-Old

3 & 4 Months

Babies love to be with people and games are a good way to have fun and learn at the same time. Here are some suggestions about how to play with your baby:

* Show baby you're really interested in the game. Open your eyes wide, look surprised, smile, talk excitedly.

* Move baby's arms and legs in rhythm with the game.

* Reward them with lots of praise and smiles.

* Talk while you play. Baby understands your tone, even though they don't understand words. Naming things baby sees helps them learn that words stand for things.

* If baby's attention starts to wander it's time to stop.

* If baby can't see something, she doesn't know it's still there! Hide your face behind your hands and say, "where's daddy?" then take them away and say, "peek-a-boo!"

* Shake the rattle can be played with a rattle or any baby toy. Hold the toy in front of them and move it to get their attention. Then try to keep their eyes on it while you slowly move it from side to side, up and down and in circles. Try holding the rattle off to one side and shaking it. Does your baby look to find where the sound comes from? He soon will.

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