Playing with Your Two-Month-Old

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Playing with Your Two-Month-Old

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Playing with Your Two-Month-Old

2 & 3 Months

Even though your baby is still young, she needs your praise and approval. When you get excited about your baby's new talents, she does too. Your baby is beginning to know your voice and likes to look into your eyes when you talk. Why not make a game out of it? Put baby on your lap, facing you, with her face about 8-12 inches away from yours. Lean toward her and talk happily. Pause and give her a chance to smile, gurgle, wriggle or move her mouth back at you! Try doing these things one at a time: smile, stick out your tongue, open and close your mouth or eyes widely, or shake your head back and forth while you talk. Watch closely. What does baby do? Does she smile, gurgle, wiggle?

Give her time to respond; she doesn't have full control of her body yet. If she makes a sound, repeat it. She'll be thrilled. In a few months she'll babble back when you talk to her, just like a real conversation. Taking turns like this helps your baby learn to talk.

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