What to Expect of a Two-Month-Old

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What to Expect of a Two-Month-Old

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What to Expect of a Two-Month-Old

2 & 3 Months

Life with a new baby is hectic. Your needs seem to take a back seat to your baby's needs. But by the second month baby may be settling into a more predictable schedule. For many babies, night-time sleeping lengthens and feedings may be required every 4 hours.

Baby is beginning to be more interested in things, looking around and listening to sounds. Movements are getting smoother, less jerky, and he may have better control over his head and neck. Maybe he can hold his head and chest up while on his tummy.

His head might wobble a little when propped up. He can hold onto toys for a little while. He is more interested in things now and likes to look around and listen. He is fascinated by his own hands. He like to follow you with his eyes when you move around. He might even be able to roll from his side to his back. Don't leave baby alone on a counter, table or bed -- he might flip or wiggle off. While you're keeping a watchful eye on your little one, you'll be rewarded. Smiles! Smiles usually start in the second month. When you smile at baby, he smiles back.

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