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Colic: What is it? What to do!

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Colic! What is it? What to do?

2 & 3 Months

All babies cry. Some cry loud and often enough to be called "colicky". No one knows exactly what causes colic. The baby screams and seems to have stomach pains, but is not seriously ill.

Sometimes a colicky baby won't stop crying even after you've tried the usual things. It's not your fault or the baby's fault.

A screaming, colicky baby can make parents feel helpless and angry.

Get some time away from your baby. Others won't mind the crying as much as you do. As hard as it is try to stay calm. Try these ideas:

* Lay baby across your knees; rub or pat her back.

* Rock baby at 60 rocks per minute -- a slow adult walk, or use an infant swing. Walk with her tucked under your arm, with your hand under her tummy. Or, hold baby so she can look around to see things.

* Try changing her bath time to evening.

* Give the evening feeding with baby upright, not lying down. Burp her extra-well to get air out of her tummy.

* Offer a pacifier. Sucking helps relax her stomach.

* Go for a ride in the car, putting her in a carseat.

* Sing to her or play soft music. Sometimes a vacuum cleaner, fan or radio tuned to static may help calm her.

Talk to baby's doctor and see what can be done. Sometimes a change in your diet if you're nursing, or in the baby's formula can help.

Try to be patient. Colic goes away, usually by 3 to 4 months of age and you will discover you have a sweet, peaceful baby after all.

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