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What To Expect of a One Month Old

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What To Expect of a One Month Old:

1 & 2 Months

Watch your baby closely, and see how she reacts. Is baby very active? Does she sleep and eat regularly, or do her habits change from day to day? Is she content, or does she cry a lot? Your baby will give you clues about the way she likes to be handled.

At this early age, babies likes to look at your face, bright colors, mirrors and patterns. Loud noise, bright light and rough handling scare babies. Babies will often calm down when someone picks them up and cuddles them. They feel comforted when held and talked to.

At this age, babies will stare at things, but not grab for them yet. Remember to change baby's position so she can look at different things. It's a little bit scary at first to care for a tiny infant; but, you'll gain confidence with time.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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