What To Do When Baby Cries

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What To Do When Baby Cries

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What To Do When Baby Cries:

1 & 2 Months

Crying is baby's way of asking for help.

Sometimes it may seem like your baby never stops crying. This can be very stressful and hard to listen to, but don't take your angry feelings out on your baby. Consider these reasons for why baby may be crying:

* He might be hungry -- if it's been at least two hours since he was fed, see if he is hungry.

* Perhaps he is lonely -- if your baby stays calm as soon as you pick him up, he missed you! Remember, your baby was in a snuggily womb, hearing a heart beat for 9 months.

* Check to see if he's too cold or hot -- feel your baby's back or tummy. Adjust clothing to make him comfortable. Dress your baby like yourself or one layer warmer.

* He might be overstimulated -- lots of people bouncing him or talking to the baby at once may overdo it. Give baby some calm and quiet.

* Was he frightened? -- your baby may move suddenly, startle and cry. Wrapping a blanket securely around him and holding him firmly may calm him.

* Check his diaper -- some babies don't mind being wet; others do.

* Is he in pain? -- baby may be ill or uncomfortable because a pin is pricking him or his clothes have sharp tags or zippers.

* It could be time to take a nap -- some babies need to fuss a bit before sleeping.

Call a friend to watch your baby for half an hour. Everyone needs a break like this at times.

If you think baby is ill, call your doctor clinic.

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