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Two Minutes for Fun

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Two Minutes for Fun

11 & 12 Months

Some parents think they must set special times aside to play with baby or teach him new things. That's fine, but sometimes you don't have time in big blocks.

Children are happy with lots of little bits of your time and attention. They learn to amuse themselves, with your help.

It takes less than 2 minutes to:

  • give your child a hug and a kiss
  • tweak his toes
  • play pat-a-cake or peek-a-boo
  • show baby his nose or chin, or your nose
  • admire baby's shoes
  • show baby a picture or two in a book
  • tickle his tummy at bath time
  • lift baby up over your head
  • point out a pretty leaf or flower
  • give baby a big smile

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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