Feeding the 11-Month Old

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Feeding the 11-Month Old Baby and Growth Spurts

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Feeding the 11-Month Old Baby and Growth Spurts

11 & 12 Months

At this age babies weight gain will continue to decline due to their increased mobility and activity level.

Babies appetite varies from day to day and it is important not to over stress about how much baby eats or doesn't eat. It is important to make meal time a positive and relaxed experience for your baby. Don't expect your child to clean her plate or eat "just one more" mouthful. Trust your child to be the best judge of how much to eat.

As baby moves around and explores, she is becoming more independent. Baby may insist on feeding herself. Or, she may be a little scared by the new abilities and cling to you at mealtimes. Baby may even refuse to hold a cup or spoon and demand to be fed. Whether your little one is a clinger or a self-feeder, try to be calm and patient. It will pay off in fewer feeding problems now and later.

Source: Nebraska Extension NuFacts

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