Coping with Temper Tantrums

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Coping with Temper Tantrums

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Coping with Temper Tantrums

11 & 12 Months

Babies get frustrated and mad sometimes when they can't do what they want to do. Sometimes, getting stuck halfway up the stairs or not getting a cookie can trigger a temper tantrum.

What can you do when baby is howling, screaming and kicking? That depends. If she is upset because she can't get back down the stairs or sit down when standing, teach your child how. Soon her abilities will match her desires.

If baby is upset because she can't have a cookie or play with your glasses, try to interest her in a different activity or object. If this doesn't work, ignore the tantrums. Read, look out a window or turn the other way. Don't even look at her. You should stay nearby, however when she sees that you're not paying attention, your child will eventually quiet down. Once baby is calm, give her a hug and a little understanding–her strong emotions are scary for her.

What if the temper tantrum is in a public place, like the grocery store? This is harder.

Your child is not the first to have a tantrum in public and won't be the last. Even the people who frown or make comments have probably gone through it themselves. Ignore them.

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